YouTube has admitted it made a mistake in deleting and banning hundreds of cryptocurrency-related channels and flagging associated content saying that they had removed them “in error“.

The story started early last week where a huge number of YouTubers received notifications that the channels and video content had broken YouTube‘s terms of conduct and policies.

The move seem to target both well followed crypto related accounts and many smaller ones too.

The video sharing platform went to Twitter to apologise for what they are calling “an error.”

@TeamYouTube contacted Carl The Moon (@themooncarl) yesterday via Twitter stating:

“Hey there, this was an error on our side during the review process – your video should be reinstated and strikes resolved. Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise!”

Source: Twitter

Nuggets News founder Alex Saunders also went to twitter to vent his frustration claiming that YouTube had failed to communicate with its users.

“Hi @TeamYouTube, with over 100 videos removed and two strike in 24 hours I have still not even received an email from you. This is really scary. We’ve hired new staff. I have a wife and baby to support. I can’t fix the problem if I don’t know what I’ve done or who to communicate with!?”

Source: Twitter

Although YouTube have now apologised many crypto bloggers are now talking about the possibility of migrating to a more censorship resistant video platform.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance stated yesterday:

“These platforms are destroying a lot of value for people. Time to look at alternatives.”

Source: Twitter

Decentralized video sharing sites such as Bitchute and LBRY stand to benefit from any future YouTube censorship.

Since the apology the Google owned giant has reiterated that there would be “no penalty” for any channels affected by the incident.


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