• Ethereum is the blockchain of choice for many developers.
  • It runs 8X more Dapps than its nearest competition
  • It is well known there are scalability problems with ETH
  • It is rumoured we may have to wait another couple of years before Ethereum 2.0 is available.
Eth 2.0 is still in development

MATIC, The New Kid On The Block

  • Matic Network is already capable of making thousands of transactions per second
  • We may already have an ‘out of the box solution’ to solve the scalability issue

Backed By Coinbase

  • Matic was selected by Coinbase Ventures for seed investment immediately following its IEO on mega exchange Binance.
  • It is rumoured that Coinbase may well list it on its own exchange
  • It was selected to be part of the Binance Lending Product range.
  • It’s just been listed on Coinbase Custody
Matic has just been listed on Coinbase Custody

Live-Action DApps

  • 25 dApps are building on the Matic platform
  • Many have already started to make public demonstrations of their solutions operating on the beta version of Matic.

Can Matic Be The Indian Ethereum?

  • Matic’ are from India
  • They are highly visable in the blockchain communtiy
  • They are attracting developers to their platform
  • They have a good number of dApps working with them
  • If they can entice more programmers, developer, entrepreneurs and investors to work with them instead of ethereum we could see MATIC grow in size and value.

Uncle Bob is veteran of the crypto game. None of what is written should be taken as financial advice and before investing everyone should do their own due diligence.

Uncle Bob has a well followed crypto related twitter account and can be viewed here


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