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Current Trading Price

  • $30.44 USD (8.89%)
  • 0.00321870 BTC (9.13%)
  • 1.80989808 BNB (7.73%)

Market Cap 

  • $1,457,585 USD
  • 153.71897330 BTC

Volume (24h) 

  • $10,509.42 USD

Circulating Supply:

  •  47,844 MTXLT

Total Supply

  • 900,000 MTXLT


  •  (-25.40%)

About $TIXL:

  • Tixl is a non-profit FinTech company based in Hamburg, Germany. Tixl
  • It is the company behind the “Autobahn Network” project, a next-generation payment network.
  • MTXLT (later TXL) is a token issued by Tixl, and the flagship asset of the Autobahn Network, which can be transferred with zero fees.
  • The Autobahn Network allows Bitcoin, and other digital assets, to be transferred quickly and privately with low transaction fees.

What is Tixl’s USP?

  • In a world increasingly embracing digital currencies, TIXL aims to secure and preserve the essential properties of traditional money.
  • Most digital assets in general, and especially Bitcoin, lack the ability to be transferred efficiently.
  • Transactions are either slow, expensive and/or transparent to the public.
  • TIXL is fast & private
  • Tixl employs the most sophisticated technologies developed in the blockchain world over recent years to build a decentralized payment network.
  • Bitcoin – and other digital assets – can be deposited into the underlying network.
  • Once they are received they can be transferred quickly, privately and with low transaction fees.

The Tixl Token [MTXLT]

  • MTXLT (later TXL) is the native token of the Autobahn Network.
  • It can be transferred through the network with zero-fees, reflecting the best features of today’s cash.
  • MTXLT already runs on Binance Chain.

Famous Supporter

  • Ivan on Tech is one of the early Angel Investors.
Ivan on tech invested early in this project

Tixl Tokenomics

  • The total supply of Tixl Tokens [MTXLT] is 900,000 MTXLT
  • The current circulating supply is 47,844 MTXLT.

The Autobahn Network

  • Bitcoin transactions are slow, expensive and traceable. People value Bitcoin as an investment, but not as a means of payment.
  • A number of different concepts for improving Bitcoin have been developed, with the ultimate goal of achieving fast and cheap transactions, or to provide privacy.
  • The Autobahn Network provides a perfect combination of them all. The Autobahn Network is a decentralized, next-generation, second-layer solution for digital assets.
  • It provides the ability to use any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, as an efficient and effective means of real-world payment.

What is the current status of the project?

  • Tixl is under development and has launched a public testnet, which includes all the basic features and provides the ability to send TXL between web wallets.
  • The release of the “Blankenese” version of the testnet allows the transfer of BTC through the Autobahn Network.
  • The current focus is on transforming the testnet into a Mainnet-ready codebase.
  • They are working on both projects above, in parallel, over the next few months to develop a real-use case for adoption.

Social Media Comparison:

Telegram members:

  • 2,429 Telegram Users

Twitter followers: 

  • 2,187 Twitter Followers


  • Binance DEX


  • TIXL looks fairly bullish, in accumulation and with a nice injection of volume or new exchange listing we could see some nice growth. A bottom has formed and I wouldn’t be surprised with a move up.

Buy Zones

  • Between $15 – $30

Sell Zones

  • Between $75 – $150

Why It’s Bob’s Pick:

  • Backed by Ivan On Tech
  • Unique use case. A niche that could be theirs.
  • Already on Binance chain. Surely only a matter of time before CZ comes knocking?
  • Instant transactions, zero fees with privacy.
  • Mainnet happening soon.
  • Low coin amount. Scarcity of coin supply.

Marks out of 10?

  • 8.5 out of 10.

Uncle Bob’s Final Thoughts & Long Term Outlook:

  • TIXL has potential but needs to start making some noise in the already crowded crypto space.
  • It has strong backing and a clear niche to exploit it just needs exposure to the right exchanges and market conditions and we could have a lift off.

Uncle Bob Crypto has his own podcast and twitter account where he aims to stay ahead of the curve on all matters concerning crypto.

Disclaimer: This report is not financial advice and I am not invested in this project. Any findings are purely a personal opinion so do your own research!


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