Tron CEO Justin Sun yesterday announced that they are looking to release a new decentralised finance product at the end of 2019.

Sun, the colourful larger-than-life blockchain entrepreneur and philanthropist asked his followers on Twitter to guess what product he could possibly be talking about.

The Tron boss asked his followers to guess what product they will realease at the end of 2019.

A handful of followers thought it could be an exchange of some kind.

Others made guesses that it could be some sort of stable coin project in the offing.

The most intriguing guess was that the Tron corporation could be working on a product linked to the digital currency electronic payment system (DCEP)

that will effectively become the digital Yuan.

If Tron were in some way to be linked to the creation of the the Chinese digital national currency it would definitely be seen as a huge feather in the cap for the Singaporean entrepreneur.

The creator of the Tron blockcahin remains tight lipped on the subject, for now!

What do you think it could be?

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