The largest ever crypto currency Ponzi scheme to be created was a scheme called PlusToken.

It has been estimated that more than 800,000 people contributed Ether tokens to the PlusToken scheme.

The total contribution amounted to over 10m Ethereum tokens (around $2 billion).

90% of these tokens were returned to 250,000 addresses, 50% of which were on Huobi, a popular Chinese exchange.

This leaves 820,000 Ethereum in three wallets that have not moved since the end of June of this year.

But it didn’t stop there, Crypto influencer @DoveyWan discovered that the PlusToken scammers had managed to steal 200K in Bitcoin as well!

@DoveyWan’s twitter feed from August detailing the staggering levels of scammery from the PlusToken scam.


That would make PlusToken’s collective wallet the second largest Bitcoin wallet in existence with only Satoshi’s wallet having more Btc in it!

The news of the scheme went public in August and many believe it caused the bitcoin price to crash at that time.

To date the 200k BTC wallet holder has yet to be found and the funds have not been returned to the rightful owners.

The case continues…..


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