PRIVI Protocol

  • PRIVI is the decentralized social finance network.

Social & Financial Networks Are Outdated

  • The decentralized nature of blockchain-based social networks allows creators to make more money and have greater control of their original content
  • Creators are getting a raw deal in spite of the hard work they do.
  • Decentralised social network can take the power from the big tech social media companies and hand it back to creators.
  • Blockchain is a more accessible and secure financial system. T
  • People will realize that they can be in charge of their work by moving to decentralized financial networks.

What Is Privi?

  • Privi is a decentralized social finance platform
  • It allows you to create your own customizable network.
  • It requires no technical or financial skills.

Monetize Your Content:

  • Whether it’s music, photography, videos, tutorials, digital merch, art, or essays, your content is yours to monetize directly within the platform.
  • Set up subscriptions, create exclusive gated access on individual pieces of content, create your own social token, or NFT.
  • With Privi, you can monetize in whatever way works for you.

Fund Your Content

  • Imagine being able to directly connect with your community, and have them contribute to your next big song, art piece, video, tutorial, essay (or more!)
  • With Privi, you can poll your community to see what they want next, and have them pre-fund each piece you create.

Create Social Tokens:

  • When you create your own social token, your community & fans can buy, share, and invest in you as a creator.
  • When you grow, the value of your coin rises, allowing you to give rewards to your biggest fans, and connect with your community like never before.

Get Paid Instantly

  • Payments from your community can come in a variety of ways, from our native Privi Coin to your own social token, the choice is yours.
  • Payments go into your account instantly, and can be held or converted into your local currency.

Keep 100% of your earnings:

  • Unlike other legacy networks, you get to keep 100% of the profits from what you create.
  • You’re the one creating it, afterall.

Privi’s 3 Suites Of Technology

  1. Privi Communities
  • Self-governed 🗳️(DAOs)
  • A customizable app marketplace
  • A place where you can mint & distribute community tokens in order to enter the community or view content

2. Privi Pods

  • Create and trade alternate assets, such as:
  • Digital NFTs
  • Physical NFTs

3. DeFi Toolkit

  • Crypto Wallet
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Indexes
  • Insurance Pools
  • Credit Pools

The Privi system

  • is not controlled and maintained by any central party, but sustained and governed by a user-owned network.
  • The goal of Privi is to become as decentralized as Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • The most trustworthy users on the Privi network are incentivized through rewards to set up nodes and decentralize the system.
  • These rewards are given in the form of Privi native tokens: Privi Coins, pDATA, and pINS.

What are Privi’s aims?

  • To bring a fully equipped system incorporating many decentralized financial and social tools

Privi is agnostic in nature

  • This means that the system is compatible and interactive with any other blockchain such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Ripple, Cardano…
  • This agnostic bridge powers atomic swaps between Privi blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) and other blockchains

Privi Summary

PRIVI is made for creators. Your social media empire in one place. Built for creators of all kinds. Polkadot powered. What’s not to like?!

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