Peter Schiff the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and well world renowned financial analyst, has may have just lost all of his Bitcoin.

The gold permabull and bitcoin naysayer posted in a tweet today that he had lost all of the bitcoin that had been given to him last year.

He put the loss down to his password being no longer valid due to a “computer glitch.”

Schiff cannot access his Bitcoin due to a computer glitch

Shortly after Schiff stated that he thought that owning bitcoin had been a bad idea all along.

The bitcoin was originally gifted to him and although he accepted it last year she has been a long term the tractor of the crypto currency market in general.

Nevertheless he didn’t seem to be that bothered as the esteemed financial analyst claimed that he had been fully prepared for it to go to zero anyway.

Crypto twitter had a field day making fun of Peter, who has been anti-Bitcoin for many years now

Many well known crypto accounts took the opportunity to make fun of schiff after today’s incident.

The CEO of Euro Pacific capital is better known for his bullishness around the gold market and for many years has warned investors not to put their money into Bitcoin, which he views as a ponzi scheme and that it will one day become worthless anyway.


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