• The head of Ripple’s fundraising arm Xpring says the company is shifting its focus to directly help developers build on blockchain, crypto and XRP.
  • Ethan Beard, who leads Xpring in San Francisco, California is making a move to assist more developers aiming to work on blockchain projects using XRP’s Xpring Platform
  • The Xpring platform provides developer tools, services, and programs to integrate money into apps.
  • Xpring’s new development wing has been created for developers who wish to create scalable applications in the cloud that integrate blockchain payment solutions.
  • Ripple are finding new ways for XRP and the Interledger Protocol to be used as a protective shield for movement of payments across the world.
  • Beard has said that Ripple want to make it easier to build on the Xpring platform
Ethan Beard has said Ripple want to make it easier to build on the Xpring platform.
  • Over half a billion dollars has been used to encourage projects to develop on Xpring.
  • The company recently partnered with Bitpay, Bread and Towo labs.

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