The Ripple team have released their very own Christmas message to investors and the message is that 2020 will be better for investors than in 2019.

Although the year has been awful for price action, XRP as a company is keen to show that it is actually going from strength to strength.

The Ripple SVP for customer success Marcus Treacher stated:

“The Internet of value that we are creating is very much coming to life. I can see blockchain technology merging into other core enabling technologies and together creating the fourth industrial revolution. We are really at the front and centre of that change.”

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO gave his perspective, stating that while most cryptos will die off, he believes Ripple can stay the course.

”You are going to see consolidation, the world does not need 3000+ cryptocurrency is out there and I think the utility will bear out. There will be a migration to quality if you will. Technologies and digital currencies that can scale the market demand with real use cases. I think we’ll see less than 3000 Cryptocurrencies for sure. I have said that about 99% will go away.”

You can watch the full video here:


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