Elon Musk has yet again endorsed Dogecoin with a tweet saying that “Dogs rock,” followed by a second tweet saying “they have the best coin”, an obvious reference to the cult cryptocurrency.

The tweet was an obvious reference to Dogecoin

Musk is a well-known fan of Doge stating last year that it might be his favourite cryptocurrency and going as far to say that it’s “pretty cool.”

At one point the creator of Tesla became the de facto CEO of Dogecoin for a day in April last year by winning a community vote on twitter.

He even changed his twitter bio to honour the vote, but only for 24 hours!

Musk briefly became the ’CEO’ of Doge last April.

The price is currently $0.002482 at the time of writing, up nearly 6% for the day.

The price is up nearly 6% for the day.


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