Bitcoin finally plunged below the $7K mark today and has taken a swathe of alt-coins with it, such as Ethereum, down 7% to $132 at the time of writing.

The sell off happened at 18:32 UTC with Bitcoin falling from $7.K down to $6830 over a matter of seconds.

Bitcoin fell under the $7K mark today hitting $6834 shortly after.

Many are pointing the finger of blame towards report published today about shedding new light on the PlusToken Ponzi scheme.

The price could have nosedived due to the latest: Chainalysis’ report, published earlier today.

The report details how 20,000 BTC (approximately $140 million) and nearly 800,000 ETH (about $100 million) are still in the hands of the PlusToken scammers and that $185 million in stolen bitcoin has already been liquidated.

Today’s price dip may have happened because the word was out that more PlusToken’s stolen BTC and ETH were going to be sold.



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