The crypto giant Coinbase have just announced that there will be five new cryptos added to its Visa debit card.

It has also been disclosed that these five new crypto options will be available to use in 10 new countries in Europe.

Holders of the visa crypto card would be pleased to know that they are now able to use XRP, BAT, Augur, 0X, and Stellar alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin.

It’s been seven months since Coinbase launched the visa card which instantly converts crypto currency into pounds, dollars or euros while customers are making transactions using a debit card.

According to Coinbase the cards can be used anywhere that would accept a normal visa credit card.

The news represents a welcome step forward for the San Francisco crypto giant who also announced an upcoming staking service this week to encourage long term holding of crypto in exchange for a set return independently of market spikes.




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