Bitcoin hit $10,000 today after an astonishing surge from the $8100 low last weekend and has cancelled out losses from its pre-having crash.

After hitting the $10K level Bitcoin has dropped back to the $9600 mark where the price has stabilised.

After hitting $10K Bitcoin’s price has stabilised around the $9600 mark

Meanwhile twitter is ablaze with positive sentiment with many predicting the beginning of a bull run.

@crypto_korg is pretty bullish
@scottmelker saw the move coming
Devchart nailed it by taking profit at range high
@spicyofc having a laugh at bears’ expense

Experts are contrasting how Bitcoin’s bullish recovery isn’t correlated with the S&P500 (SPX) and has outperformed the index as seen below:

Bitcoin is over performing in this market.

The bitcoin price crashed over 10% on Sunday ahead of bitcoin’s third halving, spooking many bitcoin traders and investors.

Many expect bitcoin to see a new all-time high within 18 months.


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