Bitcoin has surged nearly 15% to $8,900 with Eth and Litecoin up more than 10% each.

Excitement over Bitcoin’s upcoming halving an overall risk-on environment are pushing up cryptocurrencies, with the largest token reaching its highest level since before the coronavirus-induced crash.

Many crypto fans believe Bitcoin’s renaissance is due to the upcoming halving, which reduces the number of rewards miners receive.

BTC surged ahead of the token’s last two halvings, and many think the same could happen this time around too.

Bitcoin surged by more than 15% today

This means Bitcoin has risen by $5300 since its low back in March of $3600. A truly staggering rise.

Experts are divided which way it goes from here but many are bullish on Bitcoin and blockchain as a whole and consider a further run up to $10,000 a real possibility.


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