The Bitcoin price has crashed just days before the highly anticipated halving event.

In the a shocking move, Bitcoin plummeted from $9800 at the beginning of the day all the way down to low of $8100.

Trading experts were largely caught off guard with the capitulation and although many expected a pre-having dump very few believed Bitcoin would roll off the edge of a cliff face as it did today.

With the price currently sitting precariously at roughly $8700 traders over on twitter are undecided whether to short the rally or load up on longs or just hang out in fiat.

Here’s what the experts are saying…….

Lomacrypto longing …….
BitLord buying the dip!
Scott Melker using Fib lines to mark the retrace
Trader XOXO says we go lower.

Could that be it or will there be more joy for the bears or further pain for the bulls?

Let’s wait and see!

Bitcoin is currently hovering around the $8.7K mark


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