Bitcoin’s price surged on Wednesday after an Iranian missile attack on US and coalition military bases in Iraq.

There is now a real fear of all-out war between Iran and America.

Oil was up too with European and US benchmark prices up as much as 4% shortly after the attack, with the price of Brent crude smashing through the US$70 mark.

Investors have also run toward traditional safe havens gold and silver, with the price of the precious metals going up by 3% on Wednesday, this after an increase last week.

Gold and silver are up

Iran targeted more than a dozen ballistic missile attacks on air bases in Al Assad and Erbil on Wednesday “in the name of martyr General Qassem Suleimani”, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said.

On Friday, US forces used a drone to assassinate Suleimani near the Baghdad airport.

Iran‘s response has left markets reeling and world War three is now trending on social media.

Bitcoin has now gone up in value by over 20% since the news of Sulemani’s assassination last Friday.

It’s price bounced from a low of $6900 last week to a high of $8455.

The price of Bitcoin is currently $8338 at the time of writing.

Bitcoin’s price has surged by over 20% over the past week.


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