Binance have announced that they will integrate WazirX’s P2P trading platform into its system on Thursday 13th of February.

Through this integration Binance users will be able to instantly transfer funds between their Binance and WazirX accounts.

Binance users will be able to sign into WazirX directly using their existing Binance accounts. Binance users will also be able to both buy and sell USDT via WazirX’s P2P trading platform directly on Binance.

WazirX’s WRX Token was launched on Binance last week and 8Xed in value over three days of trading but has retraced to around the $0.10 cent mark since.

WazirX 8Xed in value after listing but has retraced to around the $0.10 cent mark since.

For further information on the integration, please refer to the official blog post here from WazirX.

What is WazirX?

WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange with an advanced trading interface and features to buy, sell & trade cryptocurrencies.

It is an exchange with a Live Open Order Book system that allows users to trade 80+ digital assets like Bitcoin, BNB, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash & many more.

Users can deposit/withdraw cryptocurrencies and also cash in/cash out USDT via Peer-to-Peer (“P2P”) to Indian Rupees (“INR”) with ease and speed, as well as securely store one’s digital assets in the WazirX wallet.

WazirX’s aim is to bridge the global fiat-cryptocurrency gap with the world’s first auto-matching P2P engine – WazirX Peer-to-Peer.

As of today, WazirX P2P is the go-to method to deposit and withdraw INR in India, and is growing steadily.


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