There have been many efforts to automate yield farming but what if you could do the same to find the best trades?

How about the idea of a decentralized automated crypto hedge fund?

Based on historic returns, Alphr will allow you to mirror the trades of the most successful traders wallets using a revolutionary AMT (automated mirror trading).

By mirroring a ‘successful’ wallet’s trade history on a DEX, they can then deposit funds into a smart contract pool which in turn will mirror all the trades of the that wallet.

If a pool doesn’t exist a mirror pool can be created by the user which means users can search ANY wallet!

By depositing funds into a smart contract pool Alphr users save money on gas fees because funds are routed together in a single transaction.

Save time and money

Alphr saves you time and money, two of the most precious resources on the planet.

Alphr saves you time and money using an AMT.

How would it feel to cut out the hard work and let an expert guide a portion of your portfolio while you go about your daily life?

There’s always going to be someone with more alpha than you, why not just copy them??

You’ll never be out of pocket as gas fees are shared by your mirror pool!

Imagine a fresh newcomer to the space or a weary crypto veteran and being able automate mirror trading by the best traders in the space, sounds exciting right?

All Alphr asks of you is 10% performance fee on profits only. which is only charged upon withdrawal. It also charges a 0.2% fee on all transactions but these fees will distributed back to $Alphr stakers.

Screenshot of the proposed Alphr UI.

Alphr Governance Token

The governance token of the Alphr protocol, the Alphr token ($ALPHR), will capture fees generated by the protocol. Holders can vote on governance proposals and vote on how to utilize the Alphr community fund.

Alphr Liquidity and Mirror Mining

50% of the total $Alphr supply will be allocated to protocol users and Mirrors. If your trades are being mirrored, you will receive a fair portion of the $Alphr mining pool.

Liquidity providers will be rewarded in $ALPHR based on the value of fees generated by each LP and 100% of the fees generated by the protocol are distributed to $Alphr stakers daily. So you can stake your tokens for those daily rewards!!


– Feb — Development commenced

– Feb/Mar — Private sale

– April — Early alpha launch

– April — Uniswap listing

In conclusion:

I think Alphr finance has a real chance to make an impression on the crypto market as a whole. Who wouldn’t want to mirror the trades of the best DEX traders out there and who wouldn’t want to save countless hours sitting in front of a screen losing money (most of the time)? I know I would!

It’s early stages but as an idea I think it could be a winner but whether people take to it is another thing entirely and I think that will have everything to do with the user experience and the ease or difficulty of using the protocol.

A lack of a long term roadmap shows all the dots haven’t been connected yet but I’m sure as we draw closer to the launch we will see if Alphr can back their words up with a fully functioning product.

Uncle Bob is a veteran of the crypto game. None of what is written should be taken as financial advice and before investing everyone should do their own due diligence.


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